[2 Obsolete] Value Development

Note: Due to the fact that it is not motivating to think only in values, it was taken out of this Purpose Building System. Thinking too abstractly (values) does not have much concrete relation to the real world. It is far better to only think in lifestyle and save purpose to be the more abstract goal. In addition, people find their passions by examining the issues or actually doing the tasks involved, not by thinking about the values. However, looking at values is a good way to introspect about what one believes and to cut out the values that are only semi-important to one’s purpose.

Step 2: Developing a Value System (Values are Drivers of Purpose Development)

[this step came before developing purpose in Part 2]
“There are no objective values. Because of this, ethics must be invented, rather than discovered.” — J. L. Mackie

Example Values
Example: [Action] Reduce/Increase [Concept] suffering [Subject] of Self/Family/Humanity/All Life [Timeframe] in the Long-Term/Present

More Value Concept Examples:
Performance – Productivity, Development, Innovation, Knowledge/Understanding
Ideals – Purity, Freedom, Equality, Competition/Cooperation
Health – Survival/Longevity, Physical/Mental, Suffering/Happiness, Satisfaction/Fulfillment
Supernatural – Belief (ie Relationship to God(s), an event that occurred, Salvation, etc.)
Relative Social Constructs – Power/Wealth/Influence, Status/Fame/Respect, Appearance
Social Traits – Modesty, Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Exploiting(taking)/Reciprocating(equal)/Giving